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Child in time

This is for my friend Tugui in remembering of those happy full night times. You will marry soon and will be lost forever. But.. Have no fear, dude’s here.

Allway be a child in time dude… i mean Dear Sir Bank Manager


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  1. Tugui
    februarie 23rd, 2010 la 00:06 | #1

    Dude you really brought back memories. I dont give a fuck about Mr. Bank Manager. But I do give a lot of heart about “those happy night times” as you say it. Lost forever I’ve been for some time now. Just kiding…or not! Lost in this fuc…g routine.
    Yet, have no fear, dude is hear :)

  2. A
    februarie 23rd, 2010 la 19:13 | #2

    you mean fucking routine?.. cursing is alowed here :-D

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